Connecticut has no ‘budget crisis,’ just bad spending priorities

By Chris Powell Liberal Democrats in the General Assembly are warning that a “budget crisis” will descend on Connecticut in the next year or two because state government has gotten too economical, hamstrung by the state “spending cap” and “fiscal guardrails” imposed in recent years in response to chronic budget deficits. In the liberal DemocraticContinue reading “Connecticut has no ‘budget crisis,’ just bad spending priorities”

When is gender ID needed? And Democrats betray workers

By Chris Powell Having thought itself virtuous for exonerating the residents of the Connecticut colony who were mistaken for witches and hanged 400 years ago, and being confident that a state budget will be devised any day now, the General Assembly turned to another urgent issue: Whether state government forms that require people to identifyContinue reading “When is gender ID needed? And Democrats betray workers”

Gun control and voting rights bills are just empty poses

By Chris Powell As street riots recently exploded around the state, shockingly beyond the ability or willingness of police to suppress them, the General Assembly began enacting Governor Lamont’s new gun control legislation, which is more likely to impede the law-abiding from protecting themselves than to impede rioters and other criminals. Among its oblivious provisions,Continue reading “Gun control and voting rights bills are just empty poses”

Government worker pensions should be ended gradually

By Chris Powell Maybe the state should applaud the plan announced the other day by state Comptroller Sean Scanlon and leaders in the General Assembly to restore the solvency of the Connecticut Municipal Employees Retirement System. The system is run by state government and 107 of the state’s 169 towns participate in it to someContinue reading “Government worker pensions should be ended gradually”

Lamont revives hockey myth; and is more cash being overlooked?

By Chris Powell While residents of Hartford’s North End kept complaining about the longstanding sewage overflows in their neighborhood and four women were struck by a hit-and-run driver nearby, Governor Lamont discovered what the city really needs: the return of a big-league hockey team like the long-lost Whalers. So the governor said he planned toContinue reading “Lamont revives hockey myth; and is more cash being overlooked?”

Lacking courage to talk back, Supreme Court nominee defeated herself

By Chris Powell Because she once said something nice about a judge long before that judge made it to the U.S. Supreme Court and ruled that there is no federal constitutional right to abortion, Sandra Slack Glover is not going to be appointed to Connecticut’s Supreme Court. Indeed, as long as Democratic abortion fanatics controlContinue reading “Lacking courage to talk back, Supreme Court nominee defeated herself”

Remediate Connecticut’s present before repudiating its past

By Chris Powell While the new state budget wasn’t yet complete, with several big issues waiting to be settled, the other day the state House of Representatives found time to pass a resolution that more or less repudiated and apologized for the conviction and execution of people alleged to have been witches in the ConnecticutContinue reading “Remediate Connecticut’s present before repudiating its past”

Tax cuts are a shell game that won’t transform cities

By Chris Powell Governor Lamont and Democratic and Republican state legislators are all proposing a half-percent reduction in the state income tax for most people, as if this should be considered a special boon. But since it has tens of billions of dollars in unfunded pension obligations, state government really isn’t solvent enough to affordContinue reading “Tax cuts are a shell game that won’t transform cities”

Has abortion really become Connecticut’s highest social good?

By Chris Powell Maybe nothing less could have been expected from Wesleyan University in Middletown, a citadel of leftist groupthink, but according to the university chapter of the Democratic Socialists, the university has agreed to pay for abortions for its students. Not for treatment of cancer or multiple sclerosis or Crohn’s disease or AIDS orContinue reading “Has abortion really become Connecticut’s highest social good?”

They want ‘financial literacy’ when kids lack any literacy

By Chris Powell Connecticut state legislators are never more oblivious than when they propose requirements for schools to teach certain subjects. A few months ago the subject to be required was the history of the Indian tribes that inhabited the state centuries ago. Now the subject to be required is “financial literacy.” The Indian historyContinue reading “They want ‘financial literacy’ when kids lack any literacy”